YaYa Nail
YaYa Nail
102-15 Queens Blvd
 Forest Hills, NY 11375 
(718) 997-8889 

Lemon Spa Pedicure $35
Mix fresh lemon with warm water can help you remove the athlete'sfoot and kill bacteria. We also use sophisti cated advanced massage oil and cream to massage you for 10 minutes. Last but not the least, applied special lotion for a silky skin sensation, you will feel fresh with this special treatment.
Rose Spa Pedicure $35
Mix Rose Petal with warm water to promote relaxation of your feet then foot mask is applied and scrubbed for deep clean of skin. Following by 10 minutes massage using 100% natural pure essence oil plus massage cream,
finally the moisturizing rose cream is applied for a silky skin sensation.
Hot Stone Spa Pedicure $45
Our special spa feet products that contain callus elimina tor which is particularly design for rough use. Then we applied 100% natural pure essence oil and massage cream plus Hot Stone, which will give you an amazing feeling!
Green Tea Spa Pedicure $50

Additional Extra:
Callus Eliminator  $5
Hot stone massage  $8
Skin Care
Genetal Facial (45 min.) $50
This facial will leave your skin looking radiant and supple. Formulated with highly effective products. Includes exfoliating, gentle extraction and hydration mask for silky smooth skin.
Ance Purifying Facial (60 min.) $80
This is a result in intensive treatment for acne and black heads. It exfoliates sebum and acne prone skin for cor rection and rehabilitation of scars and skin damage.
Essential Ariomatherapy Facial (60 min.) $85
For all skin types. A complete facial treatment incor porating natural essential oils derived from botanical resources. These essential oils, carefully chosen for the purpose of either invigorating or soothing, can restore
Coupeyose Scavenger (60 min.) $90
For sensitive couperose skin. Designed diminish skin irritability and protect delicate and sensitive skin, while reinforcing micro-capillary against various harmful environmental factors. Includes a special lymphatic drainage massage and customized mask.
Sea C Spa Facial (70min.) $120
An anti-oxdant, anti-aging facial designed to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen syntheses, replicating elastin and protecting against free radicals. Sea C-Spa reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restores skin's youthful look. Recommended for dehydrated or aging skin.
Collagen 90-II (80min.) $150
A GM COLLIN exclusive facial, this seven step demo
corretive treatment combines lyophilized, unaltered
the balance of body and soul as well as revitalize stressed skin.

Special Treatment

Eyelash Extension  $100
Applying one lash at a time onto your existing natural eyelash transforms them into lush, beautiful, longer eyelashes.
Eyelash Permanent Curl $35
Gives an even curl to lashes, making eyelashes look fuller and more dramatic!

Special Package
Package I $40
Manicure/Pedicurel20min. Massage
Package II $70
Paraffin Manicure I Hot Stone Spa Pedicure
20 min. Back Massage
Package III $110
Spa Manicure I Rose Spa Pedicure
1Hr. Body Massage I Eyebrow Waxing
Package IV $180
Spa Manicure I Facial I Eyebrow Waxing
Green Tea Spa Pedicure with 20 min.
Foot Massage I lHr Body Massage with Hot Stone
quenches the skin, rendering it radiant. Recommended
for all skin types.

Pedicure $18 
French $5 
Paraffin Wrap $7 
Polish Change $9 
Kid's Mini Pedicure Cunder $11 
Kid's Polish $5 
Acryklic Full set $30 
Acryklic French Tips $40 
Pink powder French Tips $45 
White & Pink Full Set $50 
Fill-ins $20 
Pink Fill $25 
White & Pink Fill-in $35 

Silk Wrapping $50 
Silk Tip Set $55 I 
Silk Extension $60 
Silk Extension Perm French $70 
Silk Fill-in $20 

UV Gel Set $60
UV Gel Perm French $75
UV Gel Fill-in $35
UV Gel Perm, French, Fill-in $45

Eyebrow $8 
Lip $7 
Chin $8 
Cheek $20 
Underarm $12 
HalfArm $15 
FullArm $25